Pointe Shoe Pastes

Pointe Shoe Pastes

Pointe Shoe Pastes

Pointe Shoe Pastes are a specially formulated glue-like substance, which is used in both the process of hardening the Toe Block/Box and attaching the Insole to the inside of the pointe shoe. BLOCH uses three different paste formulas to give you a variety of options when it comes to choosing the pointe shoe best suited to your foot.


A Paste is the standard paste that BLOCH uses.  It is a firm, hard paste and was initially formulated to stand up to climate conditions of heat and humidity.
BLOCH Pointe Shoes made with A PasteAspriation, Axi Stretch, Balance European, Balance Lisse, Dramatica II, Elegance, Eurostretch, Grace, Hannah, Heritage, Jet Stream, Serenade, Sonata, Superlative, Suprima, Synthesis, Mirella Whisper,


B Paste was developed because dancers wanted a paste to mold faster to the shape of their foot. This paste is extremely malleable and will break down faster than A Paste. 
BLOCH Pointe Shoes made with B PasteAlphaAmelie Soft, AmelieAxiomSynergy


TMT™ Paste (Thermo-Morph Technology), is a ground-breaking, patent pending heat activated paste exclusive to BLOCH, which can be molded to the shape of the foot by using direct hot air from a hair dryer. Traditionally, the process of breaking in Pointe shoes has been long and tedious. To redress this, BLOCH has developed Thermo Morph Technology (TMT)™, an advanced formula heat activated paste. TMT™ enables you to accelerate the breaking in process by molding your pointe shoes to the unique contours of your feet from the very first wear. The B-Morph Pointe Shoe, which uses TMT™ paste, is labelled ‘left’ and ‘right’. Once the TMT™ has been activated, the shoes will be molded to either the left or right foot. 
BLOCH Pointe Shoes made with TMT™ paste: B-Morph

To modify your TMT Toe Box, follow steps 1-6 below.

If your TMT shank requires modification, follow steps 7-9.

Please note that TMT™ will not activate from the heat of the foot created by dancing.