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What To Expect at Your First Pointe Shoe Fitting

What To Expect at Your First Pointe Shoe Fitting

This is possibly the most exciting day in a young dancer's life. In order to have a positive experience and a successful outcome, we have some suggestions to prepare you for your first pointe shoe fitting. From where to go and what you should wear to what you can expect at your first pointe shoe fitting, we’ve got all the information you need to get started with pointe shoes.

Discuss your pointe shoe fitting with your ballet teacher

First, discuss with your ballet teacher as to whether or not you are ready to go en pointe. Some teachers will advise the student to undertake a Pre-Pointe assessment with a Physical Therapist.

Your teacher may also have a preference for the type of padding worn inside your pointe shoes. Your local BLOCH retailer will have a variety of suitable products on hand for your fitting.

How to Fit Ballet Pointe Shoes

Before you get started, it's important you know how a pointe shoe should fit. Pointe shoes should fit snugly around the foot. While there should be enough room for you to wiggle your toes, there shouldn’t be space for the foot to move inside the shoe. To ensure the best possible fit, we’d recommend getting your pointe shoes fitted by a professional. You can do this at any of our BLOCH stores.

Book a Pointe Shoe Fitting Appointment

It is advised to call your store ahead of time to make an appointment for your fitting. A pointe shoe fitting is a thorough process and requires a generous amount of time (approximately 30-40 minutes). Scheduling an appointment will allow the store to plan for appropriate staffing in order to best serve you.

What to Wear to Your First Pointe Shoe Fitting

Wear comfortable clothing, as you will be asked to plié and rise during your fitting. No long skirts or baggy pants. Your fitter needs to be able to see your feet! It is also important for your fitter to see your bare feet at the start of your fitting, so either wear convertible tights or use the ballet socks provided in store. Speaking of bare feet, be sure your toenails are trimmed! Remember that the tips of your toes will be bearing your body weight. Long toenails will cause extra pressure in the nail bed area while en pointe.

Communication is key

Throughout the fitting process, it is important to communicate with your fitter, as your feedback is essential to achieving the best fit possible. Again, this is a thorough process, and your fitter will be asking a lot of questions!

Oftentimes, it is beneficial for your instructor to be present for your first pointe shoe fitting, as they are most familiar with your strengths and abilities. And chances are, they want to celebrate this incredible milestone with you! If your instructor is unable to attend the fitting, it is important that you find time to show your shoes to your instructor before you wear or sew them. With that in mind, be sure to check with your local BLOCH retailer on their exchange policies.


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Enjoy your dancing!


Looking for where you can get pointe shoes fitted? Find your nearest BLOCH Store to make an appointment for your first pointe shoe fitting using our online booking system.