Dancer wearing pointe shoes

Ballet Pointe Shoe Pastes

Pointe Shoe Pastes are a specially formulated glue-like substance, which is used in both the process of creating pointe shoes. BLOCH uses three different paste formulas to give you a variety of options.

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Dancers feet en pointe wearing pointe shoes

How to Care For and Maintain Pointe Shoes

Pointe shoes are a dancer's tool and so careful maintenance and preparation is key. Read about our tips on the absolute essentials of preparing pointe shoes, and how to care for pointe shoes.

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Isabella Boylston stretching in BLOCH Logo Wear crop top and track pants and Warm-up Booties

How to dance from home

Here’s how to stay dancing whilst staying home – no studio required

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David Hallberg and Polina Semionova ballet dancing The Nutcracker to the background of snow

How to prepare for your Nutcracker Christmas performance

The most enchanting period in a dancer’s calendar is fast approaching: Christmas performance season! Follow our complete guide to preparing for your Nutcracker performance and making it your best yet!

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A ballet dancer leaping through the air wearing a BLOCH lilac camisole leotard with black tutu and pointe shoes

3 ways to prepare for performance day

There's nothing quite like the buzz of performance day and the best way to feel confident is to be prepared. Follow BLOCH's guide to getting performance ready for your best show yet!

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A ballet dancer sitting on a stool with feet in pointe position wearing pointe shoes and a tutu

When are you ready to go on pointe

Pointe work is hailed as the most iconic and elegant element of ballet, but how can you tell if you're ready to take this next step? Follow BLOCH's complete guide to knowing when you're ready to progress on to pointe.

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Dancer wearing BLOCHSOX

3 strength training workouts for dancers

If you want to enhance your dancing and stay ahead of the curve, consider incorporating these fun fitness activities into your routine to feel fitter, stronger and more confident in class.

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A pointe shoes kit with ribbons and elastics with pointe shoes

How To Sew Ribbons on Pointe Shoes

Follow BLOCH's simple guide to sewing ribbons and elastic on pointe shoes, andmake sure your new pair of pointe shoes are secure and ready to go! 

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