Mens Precision Leather Ballet Shoes

SKU: S0230M
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Our all new leather Precision ballet shoe has been designed to improve dancer performance by providing a wider toe area to allow toes to spread while up in relevé and wider outsole surface area.

An innovative toe shape allows the toes to spread in relevé providing for better balance and ability to grip the floor. The outsole shape has been designed with a wide surface area to help with balance and turning. Shock absorbing padding in the front sole pad protects the dancers joints from impact while jumping. Improved Lines Built on an improved last, the lines of this shoe follow the contours of the foot, hugging into the dancers arch showcasing their strength, training, and technique.


  • Hugs into the arch
  • Shock absorbing wide forefoot pad
  • Pre-sewn criss cross elastic
  • Elastic drawstring
  • Innovative toe shape allows toes to spread


  • Leather; Suede foot pads