Mens Canvas Pro Ballet Shoes

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A mens canvas split sole ballet shoe which contours to the foot. Reduces pressure on the Achilles tendon and on the dorsal surface of the foot when it contacts the floor. Fit with a wider toe shape and wider heel. 
  • Wider sole, shorter pleats and shorter vamp than our mens Pump Canvas Ballet Shoes (S0277)
  • Adjustable elastic drawstring
  • Leather soles
  • Comfortable cotton lining
  • Triangle canvas arch insert hugs the foot when pointing
  • Teardrop shaped forefoot and outsole pads to protect the metatarsals
  • No ridges that may cause bruising when weight bearing on forefoot
  • Square canvas
  • Shock absorber under sole
  • Shock absorber under heel
  • Please note: straps are not pre-sewn


Canvas, leather