A ballet dancer wearing a pair of Perfectus ballet flats

Perfectus Ballet Shoe

Perfectus Ballet Shoe

Balletomanes get ready to take your technique up a notch, as the next innovative style to join our world-renowned line-up of ballet flats is here…

Proudly presenting our all-new canvas ballet shoe Perfectus for ladies and men, set to become your new go-to for class and performance. Crafted from soft, comfortable twill, this durable, high-performance split sole style has been designed to greatly improve dancer performance. How? Let us count the ways…

Firstly, Perfectus provides a wider toe area and shape that allows toes to easily spread while up in relevé. This, paired with a shock absorbing wide front sole pad and outsole surface area, enables better balance and perfect turning ability, not to mention injury protection for the dancer. In addition, the stretch canvas integrated into the heel provides greater comfort and functionality, particularly in this area of the foot.

Of course we know that for our dancers, comfort is key, and so we've crafted Perfectus from soft twill fabric which is supremely comfortable to wear, as well as durable and super long-lasting. 

Perfectus is available in a range of shades ⁠— our ladies style comes in a choice of pink and sand hues, while men can pick from black or white.

The legs of a dancer wearing the Perfectus ballet flat and pink dance tights

Innovative toe shape

The trailblazing wider toe shape of Perfectus enables the toes to spread easily when in relevé, allowing for better balance and greater ability to grip the dance floor, so you focus on nailing your routine.

Wider surface area

The teardrop shaped suede outsole has been expertly designed with a wider surface area to help with balance and turning on the studio floor. What’s more, the wide front sole pad (also made of suede) is fit with shock absorbing cushioning to supremely shield and protect the dancer’s joints from impact while jumping – a must for the demanding routines of today.

Improved lines

Built on an improved last, the lines of the Perfectus shoe follows and accentuates the contours of the foot, hugging closely into the dancer’s arch to perfectly showcase their strength, training and technique.

When it comes to footwear, we know that little extras make a big difference and so this shoe comes fit with comfortable, pre-sewn criss-crossed elastic, as well as an elastic drawstring for an adjustable, secure fit (great for narrow feet) so you can hit the dance floor straight away.

Ballet dancer Maria Khoreva dancing in the studio wearing BLOCH Perfectus ballet flats with a long sleeve leotard

Keep your eye out for more details on our Perfectus ballet flat, coming soon!