The legs of a female ballet dancer wearing Precision ballet flat shoes and showing off the suede outsole

Precision Ballet Shoe

Precision Ballet Shoe

Meet our  comfortable yet luxe leather ballet shoe Precision, set to elevate your technique to new heights!

Introducing our ballet shoe Precision, a leather split sole ballet flat which has been expertly designed to improve dancer performance. Boasting a wider toe area that allows toes to spread while up in relevé, together with a wider outsole surface area for improved balance and ability to grip the floor, Precision is the ballet flat you’ve been waiting for!

The shoe features a split outsole designed with a strong yet flexible leather upper and soft suede outsole, as well as shock absorbing padding in forefront. Designed for both male and female dancers, the ladies style is available in pink, while men can choose from black or white.

The legs of a ballet dancer wearing the Precision ballet shoes

Trailblazing toe shape

An innovative toe shape allows the toes to spread easily and comfortably when in relevé, providing better balance and control, and greater ability to grip the floor. 

Wider surface area

Crafted from soft suede, the novel outsole has been designed with a wide forefront surface area to help with balance and turning. Shock absorbing padding in the wider, front suede sole pad protects the dancer’s joints from impact while jumping, limiting the potential for injury, so you can leap and demi plié with confidence.

Maria Khoreva dancing in the studio wearing the Precision ballet flat

Improved lines

Built on an improved last, the lines of this shoe follow the contours of the foot, hugging tightly into the dancer’s arch to showcase their strength, training, and technique.  

Further notable design features include pre-sewn crossed elastic for immediate, comfortable wear, together with an elastic drawstring at the top line that can be adjusted for a secure, comfortable fit.

More details on the Precision leather ballet flat will be coming soon — be sure to keep checking our website for more information! In the meantime, shop our existing range of ballet flats for adults and children now.