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Sonata Mk II
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Color: Pink
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Color: Pink
Width: B
Manufacturers' size: 13
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The Sonata MK II pointe shoe has a 3/4 length shank that molds into the arch and has an unsecured heel that works with the shank to support and align the foot 'en pointe'.


  • Designed for beginners through professionals with flexible arches to allow the dancer to feel lifted out of the shoe
  • Elastic drawstring and cut down sides are the MK II features that differentiate this from the original Sonata
  • High and wide platform assists the dancer to find their center, with an internal toe cushion at the end of the box for shock absorption
  • Other features include a U shaped vamp, 'A' Paste used in the box, and active support under the metatarsals from the shank


  • Upper: Satin
  • Sole: Leather
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